Ghazal (خازال, khasal) is a popular game played by both children and adults among the Amurayyad Empire. Invented by an anonymous peasant sometime around 190 BBB, the game originally only required a handful of stones and a carved wooden top – however, modern ghazal games can be played with numerous different materials and rules depending on preference and skill level. The most common form of the game among the average citizen is played with a meleke top and with coins to bet with, though among the nobility and within ghazal-specific shops, you can commonly find tops made of precious gemstones, and bets made with unrefined nuggets of gold or, in some instances, entire life savings.

The game is played using the four-sided ghazal top, with two sides painted white and the others painted gold, which, after the group huddles into a circle, is placed in the centre of the arena. Each player receives five tokens, or simply whatever is being betted, and one token for every player is placed into the "pot."

Before spinning the ghazal top, each player forfeits one of their own tokens into the pot and calls out a colour. If the top lands on the colour a player has called out, they take one token from the pot. If otherwise, the player must forfeit another token into the pot.

The steps are repeated until either the group agrees to end the game (in professional games, a time limit of fifteen minutes is typically enacted), or one player possesses all of the tokens.

Though the game is primarily popular with adults, children have taken upon the game themselves, and along with it, a popular nursery rhyme has developed to accompany the spinning of the top. The chorus, which is simply repeated indefinitely, goes as such;

Saram-Amurayyad Script

خازال ,خازال ,خازال ,خازال

.خازال زىبئر دون

.زا ىل-خازال دون زىبال

 .ىل-خازال اباىىىا

ىزاماك وىى ازمون

خازال ,خازال ,خازال ,خازال

.خازال زىبئر دون

Saram-Amurayyad Romanization

Khasal, Khasal, Khasal, Khasal,

Khasal sipır dun.

Sa il-khasal dun sipal.

il-Khasal apanyya.

İsamak uyy asmun.

Khasal, Khasal, Khasal, Khasal,

Khasal sipır dun.


Ghazal, Ghazal, Ghazal, Ghazal

Spinning, wooden Ghazal.

I spin the wooden Ghazal.

The Ghazal lands.

Watch it win.

Ghazal, Ghazal, Ghazal, Ghazal,

Spinning, wooden, Ghazal.

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