Goblin war boats were long and bulky warships designed for bombardment. They were armed with several cannons, and usually have a crew of 100-200. They were often made of oak, because of the Great Illronic forest. Their significance was in the Mür-onic War.


Goblin war boats were massive warships, about 56.5 feet long and was built in a wedged shape. They had over one-hundred cannons, which could fire almost anything. They had three masts, the center one being the tallest, and third being the shortest. The mast often had the symbol of the Incorporated Guilds of Illronic. They had around forty quarters, each one being able to hold around five to ten men. However, the captain had a room to himself.

Metal plates were commonly seen holding the ship together. They were usually powered by wind, but if necessary would have oars built added for greater power.


The warship was excellent for bombardment, and the cannons could launch nearly anything. This meant that when other ships would fire at it, the goblin waships would use the debris caused by enemy cannons in their own cannons. However, it was a very slow ship, and could not combat smaller, swifter ships as well. In battle, it would normally be accommodated by smaller cruisers, to protect it. In a poem by the goblin author, James Ethrous, it was described:

Fire rains from the heavens,

one-eyed Jack knows this is true.

His fleet will fade,

before the sky even turns blue.

As the moon highlights the cannon fire,

ships sink, even if they were new.

All because of one ship,

one ship, debris and metal is what it threw.

They city is hurt and so are his ships,

Jack wishes he knew what to do.

(Note: The battle where this takes place is unknown).