Goblins were a strange breed, bipedal and shared similar characteristics with humans. They are lutinoids, (Lutin is goblin in French.) which encompasses hobgoblins, Uruk-hai, mole-goblins, and goblin trolls. (The last three are cross-breeds.) The breed consists of three main branches, which consist of, forest goblins, desert goblins, and cave goblins. The most common are cave goblins. In general, goblins are shorter than the average human, have elf-like ears, and have a strange obsession with shiny objects.

Forest Goblins.

Though the cave goblins may be the most common, forest goblins were the first discovered. Speculated, around 18,000BBB the first goblins traveled from Illronic, through the Pass, and landed somewhere on the Northern Shores on Ennerien. They traveled deep into the forests, leaving their ships docked on thee shores. Their green hide let them blend in with the trees.

Sometime around 17,000BBB-15,000BBB, they had their first encounter with humans.


Forest goblins have a murky green hide, and a relativity short, the average high being 4"1. Their favorite weapons seem to be knives made of sharp stones. They normally wear leather clothing, with no undergarments. They have very sharp teeth and claws and fast. They are normally territorial, and tend to chase intrudes miles from their territory. They are entirely carnivores.

Desert Goblins.

Not much is known about the nomadic goblins, except for their wanders around the deserts of Illronic. When humans made it to Illronic, the first people they met were the desert goblins, on the shore. The normally peaceful tribes did nothing, until the humans tried to communicate. What they were saying was taken as an insult, and the gblins chased the humans off to the Kingdom on the Tressor.


These goblins are a tan-mud colored, and are almost the exact same as forest goblins, other than their peaceful lifestyle. Though, they are ominvours, but eat mostly meat. They usually carry spears, encase they are attacked.

Cave Goblins

Caves goblins are recognized by their mud-colored skin, and omnivorous smiles. They are distinguishable by their high, taller than most goblins. Their claws can either be like finger nails, or like forest goblin's. They were first discovered by minotaurs, then vampires and dwarves in the Conquest. At the battle of Skyrock, humans, who were looking to stop the dwarves and vampires from expanding met the goblins, fighting beside then. (Around 10,000BBB)


The omnivorous are on average 5"7. They have incredible hearing, maybe from learning to watch out for wurms. They are not used to light, for they grew up in the caves. Consequently, they can see very well in night. They mostly eat mushrooms, insects, (Mostly meaty insects, such as wurms, Avenlen leeches, and giant crickets.) non-sentient moles, olms, blind salamanders, bats, and any other animal unlucky enough to wander into one of their caves.

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