Goblins were bipedal and shared similar characteristics with humans. They were lutinoids, which encompassed Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Uruk-hai[1], mole-goblins, and trolls. Goblins were comprised of three main branches; forest goblins, desert goblins, and cave goblins. The most common were cave goblins. In general, goblins were shorter than the average human, had elf-like ears, and possessed a strange obsession with shiny objects.

Forest Goblins

Though the cave goblins were the most common, forest goblins were the first discovered. It is speculated they were discovered around 16,210 BBB forest goblins were taken back from Grussia by vampire conquerors to the Northern Shores of Enniare.


Forest goblins had murky green hide and were relativity short, averaging about 4'1". Their favorite weapons were knives made of sharp stones. Normally, they wore leather clothing without undergarments. They had sharp teeth and claws and were exceptionally fast. They were incredibly territorial, tending to chase intrudes miles away from their territory. Their diets were entirely carnivorous. Curiously, their species was normally born in triplets, with a lifespan of around twenty five years. They prefered not to live in cities inhabited by humans or elves, but rather live in villages in the woods.

Desert Goblins

Not much is known about the nomadic desert goblins, except that they wander around the deserts of Grussia. When humans first made contact with Grussia, the first people they met were the desert goblins. The normally peaceful tribes did nothing, until the humans tried to communicate. What they were saying was taken as an insult, and the goblins chased the humans off to the Kingdom on the Tressor.


These goblins were tannish in color, and were very similar to forest goblins, except they lived a very peaceful lifestyle. Though they were omnivorous, they most ate meat. Their weapon of choice was the spear. Desert Goblins normally lived to twenty, and were born in twins or individually.

Cave Goblins

Caves goblins were recognized by their mud-colored skin and omnivorous smiles. They were distinguishable by their height, as they were taller than most other goblin species. Their claws could either be like finger nails or like forest goblin's.


The omnivorous were on average 5'7". They had incredible hearing, possibly from learning to watch out for wurms in their caves. Due to being raised in caves without much light, they can see very well in the nighttime. They mostly are mushrooms, insects (Mostly meaty insects, such as worms, Avenlen leeches, and giant crickets), non-sentient moles, olms, blind salamanders, bats, and any other animal unlucky enough to wander into one of their cave-holes. They were normally born by the dozen and lived to around thirty-five. Specifically, Cave Goblins were born and raised in sulfur caves, with their grandmother taking care of them until they reach the age of seven. It is unknown why goblins were raised in sulfur caves, though their grandmother raising them in their young age is most likely because their moms wereexpected to be warriors.

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