Goblins are bipedal and share similar characteristics with humanoids. Goblins are scientifically classified as "Goblinoids," otherwise known as "greenskins." All goblin and goblinoid life if known to originate from K'vak, the hearth of goblin culture.


Goblin magic is incoherent and utterly chaotic. If more refined wizardry is a well-composed orchestra, goblin magic as a symphony of axes, explosions, crying children, and shrieking animals all crying out in a jumbled mess. Simply put by Chief-Mother A'uh the Gutbucket, "our magic is the coming together of goblins. The more of us hooligans there are, the more magic there is." While goblin magic is not fully understood (even by goblins), the basic principle is theorized to be that due to close connections at birth, goblins imbue magic in each other. So when a party of goblins gather, each goblin draws upon the magic of the other goblins, collectivizing their essence into one force.

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