Ignis was the main Cabur of Fire, and a major player in all of the Realm's History. He has been both a Dasu'r and a Cabur, but may possibly an elemental of some sort. Some people's and cultures referred to him as a demon, (alternatively spelled daemon), devil, or deity. Generally, he is seen as the embodiment of the strong, blatant, and powerful aspects of fire. A male Pyrikagia, Ignis was once loved by his people, until Pyro corrupted him.

Powers and Abilities

Ignis was intelligent, which is unsurprising given his age, though he was not as clever as his counterpart Pyro. He had the ability to fly as he had wings, and his strength twas far superior to most creatures of Gaen. Additionally, the heat from flames did not harm him, indicating he was non-combustible.

Ignis possessed several different spells and spell-like abilities, which he could preform almost instantaneously, all of which (That were known) were recorded in the Artificer's Book of Caburs and Dasu'rs (Sometimes called the Book of Daemons)

Those spells were as follows:

Hypnotic Fire - The person(s) affected by this spell see a fire that puts them into a trance. Ignis can then use the power of "hypnotic" suggestion to have them follow his will. Depending on whether or not he was corrupt, he used this for very different purposes. Some more modern scholars have disputed the use of "hypnotic" as a descriptor for his magic, as "charm" or "psychic domination" seem more apt and scientific.

Smoke Cloak - This spell makes Ignis very hard to see, as no light touches him. Essentially, he is obscured by shadows. If one looks closely, they could see his smoking figure.

Fire Ball - A small ball of flame shoots from his hand, erupting into a massive explosion and ball of flames.

Flaming Garbs - Ignis can use magical fire to change the appearance of people's clothing or objects around them. This seems to be mostly for intimidation or illusory purposes, and some records indicate that the fire portion is unnecessary, and purely done for aesthetic purposes.

Flames of Regeneration - If a limb or other body part is removed, tendrils of fire will bring it back on him. This ability could be counteracted by placing one or both parts in water, extinguishing any attempts at regeneration.

Pyromancy - Ignis can summon fire of any color or kind. These flames can combust seemingly anything, including solid stone.

Heat Control - Ignis can make an area hotter or warmer with ambient heat.

It should be noted that having the blood of certain types of dragons counteracted many of these abilities, such as Hypnotic Flames. This was first demonstrated by Darastryx Sythr being immune to Ignis's abilities during the Ignis War.


Ignis's history and life spans over seven millennia. He is one of the oldest and most powerful entities in all of Gaen, with a long and storied history. Dates are listed both in the Enniarian system of Before the Battle of Bardük (BBB)/After the Battle of Bardük (ABB) and the Marathimian Before Limbo Catastrophe (BLC)/After LimbI Catastrophe (ALC). 0 BLC/ACL = 4,967 BBB.

Origins (~7,000 BBB, or ~2,033 BLC)

Not much is known about Ignis's Origins, other than that he was a Pirikagia born in Pyliria or it's predecessor some time around 7,000 BBB. Somehow, he came about knowledge of magics and was able to become immensely powerful, to the point that the Artificer classified him as a Cabur.

Corruption (~4,500 BBB, or ~467 BLC)

After approximately two thousand years of staving off his Dasu'rian counterpart, Pyro, Ignis grew tired of constant fighting and battle. Weary and broken, Ignis fell. He descended into madness and chaos, becoming a Dasu'r. Given that the exact nature of Dasu'rs and Caburs are unclear, whether or not Ignis truly did this willingly or not is up for debate. In The Book of Daemons, the Artificer speculates that Ignis's fall may have been the result of Pyro's designs. It is possible the fire-witch intentionally corrupted her former enemy with magic or other mundane manipulations, orchestrating his fall. Whether or not this is the case is unknown, though.

For centuries, Ignis and Pyro had a reign of terror across not only Pyliria but much of the rest of Marathim. This plunged the great Continent into a dark age, one where the Dasu'rs of fire reigned with impunity, aided by allied such as Fridigian and Terrus, the other Caburs unable to stand against them.

The Limbo Catastrophe (4,967 BBB, or 0 BLC/ALC)

For nearly five centuries the Dasu'rs terrorized the land, However, the massacres and terrorizing of the past were nothing but child's play compared to the Dark Host's next move. The Host, led by Pyro and consisting of Ignis, Fridigian, Terrus, Truvian, Merkolar, and Exosia, set out to kill their greatest rival; the Greater Cabur of Earth Angelus. When they believed the holy warrior to be alone, the Dasu'rs of fire, ice, air, water, and lightning struck. But the Cabur of earth was not alone, he was joined by his lover, Anastasia as well as his friend, the Dasu'r hunter Michael. Additionally present was the Cabur of Water Nertuin. The dark seven clashed with the four good-aligned figures, and a great battle broke out. While the Dasu'rs thought they had the jump of Angelus, he was alerted by his allies. The Caburs, unknown to the Dark Host, turned the evil ambush on its head and routed the dark mages. In the resulting battle, Nertuin slew Exosia with his Trident, but in turn he in turn was destroyed by his Aquatic nemesis, Merkolar, unleashing what amounted to a magic bomb, annihilating both the aquamancers. This had the effect of tearing a hole in the fabric of reality, which slowly expanded. This caused the realm of Limbo, which now covers a massive part of Marathim.

Imprisonment (3,256 BBB, or 1,711 ALC)

Almost two millennia after the realm of Limbo was created, Ignis and Pyro were on the run. Their Dark Host had fallen apart, and their territory had greatly shrunken. The Mage's Consortium had become a Major power in the Western regions of Marathim, and had begun to contain Limbo. The wizards Imprisoned many of the Dasu'rs and some of the Caburs, seeing them as a threat to their power. Ignis was not able to escape the Consortium, and in 1,711 ALC he was captured and sent to Limbo. Since Limbo is inescapable without a portal being opened outside of it, Ignis and his fellow inmates were effectively stuck. Despite this, the Prince of Flames was not idle, and he spent many centuries forging alliances with other denizens of the void realm as well as developing more potent forms of pyromancy.

Release (190 ABB, or 5,157 ALC)

Across the globe, Darastryx Sythr was taking his first steps into a larger world of spells and magic, and in doing so he accidentally summoned Ignis while performing a spell incorrectly. Luckily for the Draconic mage, Ignis was surprised and weakened at the time, allowing Darastryx to dismember the Dasu'r, chaining his body and tossing it overboard into the ocean. This prevented Ignis from regenerating, trapping him in the seas north of Enniare.

Ignis War (392 ABB, or 5,359 ALC)

Sometime after his second imprisonment, Ignis was freed, though it is unknown how. After regenerating his body and regaining his strength, Ignis influenced High Baron Charles Vindavin of Arindear. Using this position of power, Ignis turned the Arindian military against their fellows in the Leagues of Five Kingdoms during a battle against the Diggers beneath Telierda. Combined the the Arindians and the Diggers Ignis had allied with, the dark force overtook the Vindavin Woods and collapsed the digger tunnels, sinking much of the Golden Kingdom beneath the waves of the Concordian Sea. His forces then ransacked Noldin's Keep, bringing Elsmoth and her Rangers to their knees.

Ignis also journeyed to the neighboring Wild Lands, pillaging a temple there for the fabled Void Amulet. After using the artifact to slay a Phoenix, Ignis utilized it to open a portal to Limbo in Castle Valor. After releasing Pyro, Fridigian, and Terrus, the League assaulted the former Arindian fortress in the climatic Battle for Castle Valor, Ignis was freed from the corruption of Pyro by Baron Vindavin's aquatic gold sword. He and Pyro were returned to Limbo, where Ignis had to then protect Charles's fiance, Lucinda Frier. Fridigian escaped, while Terrus was Imprisoned in the Arindian river.


Ignis's philosophy can be divided into two parts: Corrupt and Uncorrupt.


In his Corrupt form, Ignis's philosophy is quite simple: Be as the flame and use the world as your fuel, destroying what you can't use. Expand ever further. He would take over by taking control of the enemy forces and getting them to all kill eachother, then making a loyal following of Acolytes and using them to open portals to other realms to gather more powerful beings of evil.


In his natural, uncorrupt or "pure" form, Ignis's philosophy is more complex: Be as the flame and be a stalwart wall of ever-shifting strength, providing warmth and community for those he serves. He is the comforting campfire and a warm embrace. Simultaneously, he is the defender. He is the brutal wrath against those who would threaten the community; he is the wildfire. And like the wildfire his destruction brings renewal. He would defend against darkness and illuminate the shadows evil hides in, all for the sake of safety and civilization.