The K'vake Goblin tribes, are a collection of tribes and chiefdoms currently administrated by mother Gbul. Also known by the name of the K'vake Khanate, the K'vake Goblin Tribes are a relatively minor player in wider history, and don't stray outside their island of K'vak often. The majority of what is known about K'vake history comes from the [X] paged epic, the Wulbva.


Ancient History

The Wulbva outlines a series of mythical events in the first few chapters, often describing mythical Spirits and the shaping of the landscape by these Spirits. The first date recorded in the Wulbva is written on the 10th line of the second chapter. It is ambiguous and goes as follows: "Five days after the Second Appearance of Jh’ka during the Eight Year..." While contemporary scholars are unsure of a precise date, clues in the text allowed a range of possibilities to be crafted. You see, Jh'ka is a giant goblin-eating Spirit within goblin myth. While there is debate on whether Jh'ka is the Blood Moon, or only appears during the Blood Moon, we can conclude that the first date recorded in the Wulbva happens five days after the second Blood Moon of the Eight Year, as it references his "second appearance." While scholars are at a loss to exactly what year Before the Battle of Bardük the "Eight Year" is, based upon other records of years with at least two Blood Moons scholars have deduced a list of possible years Before the Battle of Bardük the referred to "Eight Year" could've taken place:

  • 5032 BBB
  • 4861 BBB
  • 4684 BBB
  • 4515 BBB
  • 4345 BBB
  • 4174 BBB
  • 4005 BBB

Scholars doubt that the recorded date happens any later. It is also important to note that scholars assume the calendar the writer of the Wulbva used is solar and similar to our own. The "Eight Year" may very well be the equivalent of 10,456 BBB for all we know.

The rest of the section of the Wulbva scholars have labeled as "ancient history" discusses the uniting of various goblin tribes, development of magic technology, and various famines and plagues of locust. No dates are listed for these events

Contemporary History

The first event that involves actors outside of K'vak is that of Elves discovering the island. While the Wulbva dedicates only a line to the elven landings (and then immediately goes back to discussion on locusts), this affair would change K'vake history for ever. Based on elven records we can assume this event happened around 3950 BBB. The elves would struggle to communicate with the goblins, but admired their collective-based magic. After finally coming up with a baseline to talk to one another, goblins would refuse all attempts the elves made at friendship. The goblin tribes would not be hostile to the elven explorers, but just mischievous and uncooperative. Earlier elven camps would frequently see packs of goblin little 'uns scamper into their kitchens and devour their fresh-hunted meat. At first this turned away by the brashness of K'vake goblins, elven settlers temporarily left the island. However when it was discovered that large quantities of illrock exist on K'vak, elves would return to the island and found the Kingdom of Fendoria. In fact, it would be the veins of Illrock native to K'vak that would lead the island to be referred to as "Illronica" by non-goblinoid species.