The Empire of Grussia was a reactionary, populist Empire located on, obviously, the island of Grussia. Grussia is almost entirely enhabited by goblins, with minorities of humans, dwarves, and ice elves. The Empire was corporatist, and very militaristic, which went along well with the goblin religion of "Daruuim."

History Timeline

--Somewhere around 25,000 BBB [ 4,977 BBB or "An ancient empire, spawned in a time lost to the ages"] a massive, sea-faring Empire said to have stretched from Elos (Ethros?) to the northern-most islands of the world, (Not Nordica) fell apart. It is unknown weather or not this Empire actually existed, but it does impact goblins culturally.

--20,023 BBB [4,587 BBB]- the first written event in Grussian history: the discovery that Illrock can be made into weapons. This triggers the wide-spread use of Illrock across the isolated island, triggering the First Goblin Golden Age.

--17,752-16,210 BBB [4,316- 3,774 BBB] -The First Goblin Gold Age comes to a abrupt end with vampires discovering, and conquering the island. The vampires brought dwarves and as well as orcs to the island as slaves. Intermingling of the species let to (Disputed weather goblin or not:) germlins,--a cross between goblin and vampire-and Uruk-hai. Significant amounts of dwarves, orcs, and vampires remained when the conquerors left for unknown reasons. The "native" population of forest goblins on Enníare is due to the vampires taking goblins back with them from Grussia. The population of desert and cave goblin either died out, or was deemed unfit to bring back to the mainland.

--13,557-12,224 BBB [3,121- 2,788 BBB] -After a LONG period of isolation between the species on the islands, the goblin clans of Gruu (Cave Goblins), Mry (Forest Goblins), and Gree (Desert Goblin) unite, the Second Goblin Golden Age begins, with the conquoring of Uruk-hai and Orc[1] hold-outs in the Northeast. This leads to the conquering of the other species of the island, such as the Grussian Vampires and dwarves. In this time period the goblin explored, "Deeemduf" discovers a frozen island in the north he names, "the Wastes." Although it was discovered later, Deeemduf missed the kingdom of Ice Elves living near the ever-active volcano of Freroth (Goblin for 'Death's Peak"). The Golden Age finally ended with a massive earthquake, opening-up a suspicious ravine deep in the caves...

12,224-9,994 BBB [2,788- 2,558 BBB] -From that ravine came hideous, disgusting, Molemen. The Molemen were just that, Mole-Men. They were highly advanced and said to have "fire-sticks." With the rebelling of all non-goblin species on the island, the Molemen quickly took over. They made the goblins slaves once more, and through eventually a new goblin breed was created, called 'mole-goblin." I'm sure you can guess what it is. Although they had the means to conquer the entire world, for some reason the Molemen stayed on Grussia, as though something kept them there. After centuries of their tyrannical reign, something sent the Molemen back to their caves. Although unverified, there is a passed-down oral account that the ground shook twice, the Molemen then retreated, and the ground shook once more, and the hole the moles had climb out of was sealed up. This along with a nostalgia for the past, may have been where the goblin religion of Daruuim sprung up. (Side note: Mole-goblins were almost wiped out through inquisitions after the Molemen left)

9,994-4,001 BBB [2,558-1,565 BBB]-With the Moles gone, the island is carved up by different empires. Wars ensue, and the only constant alliance is between the Desert, Forest, and Cave goblins.


Red=Dwarf Blue=Forest Goblin Yellow=Desert Goblin Green=Cave Goblin Purple=Orc/Uruk-hai

4,534 BBB [2,098 BBB]-Elves arrive in Grussia. They bring news of this island filled with goblins, orcs, and dwarves, but it is widely-considered a myth among common people and non-elves.

3,210 BBB [774 BBB]-Grussia is "officially" discovered when a human by the name of Markus El Desto decides he wants to start an empire, and journeys northward. Although he and his crew were attacked the second the stepped foot on the shore by Desert Goblins, they were able to grab one goblin, kill him, and bring him back to Enníare.

--373-377 ABB The War of the Dwarves and Goblins is fought.

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