Mytuali, also known as sea serpants, were gargantuan, reptillian, and intellegent creatures living in the Western sea.


They were described as being closer to dragons than Coldrakes in terms of intelligence and like Coldrakes, could use the power of their minds to incapacitate their prey. They had structures similar to the dragons' ---, which were theorized to aid in remaining at great depths for extended periods of time.

Their heads were long and angular and they had tendrils that were about six feet in length. Their jaws were large enough for a Horse and rider to pass through unscathed and were filled with hundreds of glinting white teeth. They had giant oar shaped flippers coming off their chests.

Mytuali were one of the few beasts capable of actually killing dragons. They have needle-like teeth, a mind full of nothing but insatiable hunger, Above their eyes they have a bony crests above which six foot long ropy tendrils grew. They were also cannibalistic. They were so rare by 393 ABB that they were rarely spoken of. They were normally found quite far out to sea, in its deepest depths. All attempts to negotiate with them failed.

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