The Order of Light (OoL) was a religious order that worshiped the Eternal Light, a cosmic deity of goodness. The Order was based in the Kingdom of Arindear, with it's headquarters in the City of Arindear. They took part in the Enníare Witch Trials and were a major player in the War of Loti


The Order believed in a deity known as the Eternal Light. They believed that it was their duty to "bring light to the world" by purging it of darkness, which included threats to the Order, monsters, and dark magic. However, after the Ignis War in 392 ABB, this expanded to include all non-humans and all magic in general after the order radicalized.


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Behind the Scenes

The Order of Light was created by Black_Wind8319, or Wendoll8319 (or "Wendolla"). She was inspired in part by Christian witch trials as well as the Church of the Eternal Flame, a fictional religion for the D&D setting of Ebberon.


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