A Shai'tul was a giant wolf, native to the Black Mountains. It favored the mountains' woodland in particular, where it hunted Mekre.


Shai'tul are described as being immensely large animals, roughly the size of a horse. Even though they were very large, they were still fast and agile hunters. They were able to move with amazing stealth and care before springing upon their hapless prey. Shai'tul are also described with fangs like sabers and burning yellow eyes and heavy, muscular bodies. Like their smaller cousins, these massive canines came in different colors, ranging from classic wolf-gray to white and even black.


In the Black Mountains, they hunted the native deer species, the giant boar Mekre and the large Valdornûst goats, along with smaller animals such as squirrels, rabbits, fish and birds as well as the occasional piece of fruit. It is presumed that they competed and fought with the massive cave bears, the Orsat. Competition with Coldrakes and perhaps even dragons is possible. They lived in packs, just like their smaller cousins. These packs were led by a dominant male and female. Only the dominant pair would be allowed to breed in the pack and the whole pack would take part in the cubs' care and training. The cubs would be born in a den after about seventy days of gestation, which could have been anything from a newly excavated tunnel dug by the pack to a cave to a hollow log or even an old fox den. The mother would have nursed them and begun to start weaning them at about fifteen weeks of age. The adults would then disgorge meat for the pups to eat and eventually start bringing them crippled small animals to test their skills on. If the pack was already too large, the pups would have been driven out by their pack and disperse to find their own mates and start a pack of their own.

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