Tebririand's How was a hilly mound of earth that covered what had once been the Stonehelm Keep to the south of the town of Conquerus, built during the Dark Age. It was also the place where Tebririand is said to be buried. Later, Tebririand's How was a tomb underground where Darian Baliol and his army had setup camp in hiding.

Originally, the hill itself was called Tebririand's Camp, which Tebririand's Army used as their campgrounds and headquarters during Gorthaur's reign. The hill was attacked by the Witch King's secret police task force, but was successfully defended.

A thousand years after Tebririand's death, the Sieradorians erected a mound over his tomb, with some hollowed-out tunnels, thus allowing it to be used as a centre of command for the Seiradorian Army later on.

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