The Battle of Castle Valor (April 12–14, 399 ABB) was the assault of Castle Valor, Arindear by the Order of Lights’ Army; as well as the subsequent surrender by the Knights of Valor, that started the War of Loti. On December 20, 398 ABB, Order of Light authorities weaved into the Arindear government demanded that the Arindearian Army abandon Castle Valor in Vindavin Woods. On December 27, Sir Bob Brawler of the KoV surreptitiously moved his small command from Crawford Castle to Castle Valor, a substantial fortress controlling the body of Vindavin Woods. An attempt by Arindearian High Baron Vindavin to reinforce and resupply Brawler using the ill-equipped inhabitants of the Woods failed when they were ambushed on January 9, 399 ABB. Order of Light authorities then seized all royal property in the Vindavin Woods area except for Castle Valor.

During the early months of 399 ABB, the situation around Castle Valor increasingly began to resemble a siege. In March, Brigadier General Samuel Sinister, the first general officer of the newly formed OoL Army, was placed in command of OoL forces in Vindavin Woods. Sinister energetically directed the strengthening of runs around Vindavin Woods aimed at Castle Valor. Conditions in the Castle, growing increasingly dire due to shortages of men, food, and supplies, deteriorated as the Arindearian soldiers rushed to complete the installation of additional catapults.

The resupply of Castle Valor became High Baron Vindavin’s greatest priority. He notified Brawler that he was sending a supply caravan, which resulted in an ultimatum from the OoL for the immediate evacuation of Castle Valor, which Sir Brawler refused. Beginning on April 12, the OoL army laid siege to the castle. Although the Arindearian garrison defended well, they were significantly outnumbered and after 64 hours, Sir Brawler agreed to evacuate. There were no deaths on either side as a direct result of this engagement.

During the late winter and early spring, while the Baron made preparations to supply Castle Valor, he learned that he could not call on his trusted dragon riders, as they were out on an expedition under the leadership of Darastryx Sythr, so he called on the Lunar Council of the corrupted Vindavin Woods for support in the fight. Seeing the OoL as a mutual enemy, the werewolves agreed to aid the Arindearian troops by sending a score of werewolves commanded by pack Alpha Damon Kurr. Their purpose was to bolster defenses at Castle Valor and keep communications with the main Arindear Forces open by being pathfinders through the treacherous woods.

Following the battle, there was widespread support from both L3K and OoL for further military action. Vindavin’s immediately called for 15,000 volunteers to suppress the rebellion, but his call reaped little success. The battle is the first battle that opened the War of Loti.

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