The First Battle of Divan was fought on July 23, 399 ABB just north of Divan City. It was the first major battle of the War of Loti. The L3K's forces were slow in positioning themselves, allowing OoL reinforcements time to arrive. Each side had about 18,000 poorly trained and poorly led troops in their first battle. It was an OoL victory, followed by a disorganized retreat of the L3K forces.

Just months after the start of the war at Castle Valor, the L3K public clamored for a march against the OoL capital of Arindear City, Arindear, which was expected to bring an early end to the OoL. Yielding to political pressure, Lady Rapun'sel of Laurence ordered her unseasoned L3K Army against the equally inexperienced OoL Army of Gen. Sinister camped in Divan City. Rapun'sel's ambitious plan for a surprise flank attack on the OoL left was poorly executed by her officers; nevertheless, the OoL soldiers, who had been planning to attack the L3K left flank, found themselves at an initial disadvantage.

OoL reinforcements under Gen. Jose Juanson arrived from the Vindavin Woods, and the course of the battle quickly changed. A brigade of Darkhelmese under a relatively unknown Knight, John Mill, stood its ground. The OoL soldiers launched a strong counterattack, and as the L3K troops began withdrawing, many panicked and the retreat turned into a rout. Rapun’sel's men frantically ran without order in the direction of Laurence.

Both armies were sobered by the fierce fighting and many casualties, and realized that the war was going to be much longer and bloodier than either had anticipated. The First Battle of Divan highlighted many of the problems and deficiencies that were typical of the first year of the war. Units were committed piecemeal, attacks were frontal, infantry failed to protect exposed archers, tactical intelligence was naught, and neither commander was able to employ their whole force effectively. Rapun’sel, with 35,000 men, was only able to commit about 17,000, and the combined OoL forces, with about 32,000 men, committed only 18,000.

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