The Wulbva is a long epic, recorded by goblins of K'Vak. While originally the document was recorded in audio format with goblin magic, with the Goblin Age of Trade, it was converted into writing. The majority of what we know about goblin history comes from the Wulbva. The Wulbva will be transcribed here in both English and Goblin Aw'k.

English Version

Chapter I: Gusts of the West

She (the Wind) rolls over the mountains

She fountains from the Western Seas,

A cold gust of nails from Zjat’s nasty mouth.

Lzek is impaled (By Zjat’s Wind).

Zjat chuckles a bit, and gusts her (the Wind) further and harder,

Grinding the great mountains into dust.

His mountain home turned to sand,

Tapk is revealed to the World to be naked.

Embarrassed, Tapk strips the Eastern Forests of their trees to fashion a skirt,

Turning the Eastern Forests to plains.

Chapter II: The First Quest for Tapk’s Favor

Bje finds his forest home destroyed,

As the Spirit Tapk wears his oaken home as undergarments.

Bje follows Tapk, waving his fists.

Bje bellows to Tapk,

“Replant the forest you scoundrel!”

Tapk belly laughs.

Tapk responds,

“Create more mountains for me to call my home, then I will replant your trees.”

Bje complies and sets out on his quest.

Five days after the Second Appearance of Jh’ka during the Eight Year,

Bje set out to complete his quest.

With the help of the Sons of the Giant Who Holds Up the Sky,

Bje dug far underground to collect stone.

The Sons of the Giant Who Holds Up the Sky then placed the stone upon the surface.

Thus, the Western Mountains were made.

Bje went to Tapk, showing him what he did.

But Tapk had tricked him and would never go about replanting the forest.

Bje, with the magical force of the Sons of the Giant Who Holds Up the Sky,

Brutally beat Tapk, and ascended,

Becoming Spirit of the mountains which he made. 

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