1. Yes there are homosexual tendicies in all species, but there's also a survival trait and when it comes down to it you pick survival, I would say at least. 

2. Yeah, I don't like that a kid can marry someone with consent, either, because of obvious reasons. And yes, I know that marriage isn't just Christian, but the point I was trying to make is that if the government were to push a certian type of marriage it should be heterosexual because again, survivial.

3. There age those things in life that like only your dad or your mom can teach you. An internet article can't show you the three-generational-old fort in the woods that your great-grandfather, grandfather, and father built up, an internet article can't pass down a doll or worn stuffed-anaimals that your great-grandmother stitched together. It's just that there's a guiene... feeling? No, I can't think of the words. :P I dunno, it's just something special that a mother can teach and a father can teach. Sorry if I sound aggressive or anything, I don't mean to. xP

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