Hello there! I assume you're taking the long way to another post, or else you took a wrong turn at the intersection of completely confuzzeled and ignored the plethora of signs urging you to turn back- I don't blame you if you did, they're all written in danish... Confounded danes...

At any rate, you'll find my pantry's always fully stocked and ready for any number of dwarven troupes traversing this Wiki, so help yourself. If you need to speak with me, you'll find me in the study.

About me

I'm a Cristian, home schooled, and partial nerd. I've got too many fandoms, here's a select few to give you a general idea:

-Lego Universe

-Star Wars

-the Chronicles of Narnia

-Lord of the Rings


-Pirates of the Caribbean

-Harry Pottah(?)




-Indiana Jones



Outside of that, I am just your average TFOL, who enjoys a good book when he can and I love to explore the forests and nature around me. I am both an amateur archer as well as a fairly good swordsman, Though more practice never hurts. I will always apologize if I say something rude.


"Your circumstances can't change you, but your reaction to them will ultimatly define who you will become." ~LolimonTheWise

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