aka the Underscore, Mango, Jackal....

  • I live in I live in a place.
  • My occupation is Prime of the Killiks Hive mind.....
  • I am A tasty Sandwhich
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Hevel, hevel, everything is hevel!
"This is Little Ftitter, I go a three-seventeen on my tail..."
I have more names: Watermelon, Diabetes, Keltro, Fine Duckus, Duck, and SO many more!
Jesus, is good, the Son of God! Alleluia, Amen!
So, i like Jesus, Star Wars, Magic the Gathering, Board games, (Specfically: Risk, Axis and Alllies,Monopoly, Battlecry, and a bunch more.) video games, and doing stuff. Yeah....

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